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Membership Fees:  $49.99 monthly for Individuals and Corporations !! $44.99 with a Promotional Code extended by an Account Executive of our firm !!

Outdoor Advertising  for a group of twenty companies !! $120.00 per month per Company or Individual !! A BUSY BAY USA licensed company employee will be available to present the ads of 20 companies 3 hours a day, 20 days per month !! Expected viewership: over 200,000 vehicles monthly !!

Outdoor Advertising for Corporations/Individuals:  $2,000 monthly !! One Corporation or Individual alone by itself !! Package includes TV sets, all related equipment needed for day time and night time displays, availability of a BUSY BAY USA  company employee three hours daily for twenty days, such employee appropiately licensed to operate as street vendor. Expected viewership of client's ads: over 200,000 vehicles monthly !!

Company flyers can be distributed at POS, cost of flyers to be borne by client !!

Crime Advertising Program

Fees: $49.99 monthly !!. This package allows access to victims of crimes and their families to's software which includes video, voice, scrolling ads, horizontal ads and color fonts !! Equipment to be provided by client !!