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PenisExerciser: Treatment for Enlargment & Duration

PenisExerciser: Treatment for Enlargment & Duration
PenisExerciser: Treatment for Enlargment & Duration
Brand: Life & Health
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Device is Effective for more Duration and Penis Enlargement and both long and



It is the safest device for exercising the penis  through daily exercise. forcing blood into the penis at a level much higher than a natural erection, expanding and dilating the capillaries and increasing the rigidity of erection, duration, and size of the penis, with no side effects.


The Penis Exerciser is a plastic cylinder, which comes with a valve for pumping where you introduce the penis and perform daily exercises with the special Penis Exercising Lotion, which increases blood flow, prolonging the erection of and increase the size of the male organ.


1. Apply the Exercising Lotion

2. Enter the Penis in the transparent cylinder.

3 Cover the hole that says Air with a finger to perform a vacuum.

4. Press the valve to pump 10 times and uncovers the hole for air to escape.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for 8 times.

6. Perform the exercise every day or at least 4 times a week.

7. Recommended pumping not to intense

If you've had any recent surgery on the penis or had any physical inconveniene, consult your doctor before using the penis exerciser.


It is recommended to continue treatment for 3 months.


Short term results, following the instructions as prompted.

We recommend addressing the problems of premature ejaculation and size naturally, You are not alone we can help.

Benefits - Increase the stiffness of the Erection - Reduce Premature Ejaculation - Increase Semen Volume - Improved sexual performance - Increases Penis Size - Increase Blood Flow - Increase in penis length and thickness, - Increased pleasure - No side effects

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